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PIT  Crew

Praying for the general and specific needs and
requests of our pastor.
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What is PIT  Crew?

PIT stands for Pastor’s Intercessory Team. Jesus asked His disciples to pray with Him in the Garden of Gethsemane and again, in Ephesians 6, the Apostle Paul said, “and pray on my behalf.” Pastors and leaders need prayer and it is my prayer that you would be interested in being part of the crew.

The function of the PIT Crew

is to be praying for the general and specific needs and requests of our pastor. You will be praying individually and in your home most of the time, but will also pray silently during our worship service as the Spirit leads you. Also we will meet together once a month as a group to pray for our pastor’s protection, well-being, and
special requests.

One person will act as the Crew Chief and Pastor Landon will pass requests to this person. The requests will then be regularly conveyed to each member of the PIT Crew.

The Commitment

A PIT Crew member's commitment: 


1. pray daily for your pastor and his needs as he advises you of them

2. pray for urgent items when needed (a covering of protection for trips, specialevents...)

3. to share and pray with other PIT Crew members when God lays a special burden on your heart for your pastor in a specific area.


Your pledge will include a promise to pray with confidentiality, not revealing to anyone except Almighty God the things that you and the other PIT Crew members are praying about for our pastors. Pastors need to trust those who are praying for their specific needs.

PIT crew print.jpg

If you are willing to commit to 12 months

on the PIT Crew,  please print this document

sign and date it, and turn it in. (Bring it to church and ask for the Crew Chief)


the Apostle Paul said, “and pray on my behalf.”

Ephesians 6:19

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